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Some Comments from our users.

" We are very keen to have access to this brilliant pupil resource" - Calderside Academy.

" This site was excellent in getting me an A in my Int 2 chemistry and it's helping me be on track for my Higher and it's one of the few Advanced Higher course sites which I find useful as I hope to study that next year!" - Martin, Pupil.

" I love using this site, it is very helpful and I believe it will help me to pass Int2!!!" - Nicola, Pupil.

" .. excellent site and has proved very useful at encouraging home learning while cutting down on marking time, photocopying, printing and lost pieces of paper.." - Mr. E.Nind, Teacher.

" .. the website is, and always has been, a great resource .. thanks!.." - C.Ritchie, Teacher.

" A great and useful source of information, especially at exam times!!! It's quick and easy and constructed very well, a great effort in making this, thankyou!!!!:).." - Anonymous Pupil.

" This is such a useful website. I found that whenever I was stuck it would be my first resource.." - Rachel, Pupil.

" If I had to pay for this (Chemweb) I would .." - Anonymous Pupil.

" useful with my SG revision... ... has covered the aspect which I had dificulty understanding and now find it easier .... hoping with the help of this website I can achieve a 1 in my SG exam " - Bella, Pupil.

" this website has good information on it and its the thing you talk about in class so it's good revision, ..... has helped me a lot " - Anonymous Pupil.

" Evans2chemweb is a great resource and helped me a lot . Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! " - Anonymous Pupil.

" .. the only resource I used to study Higher chemistry and I got an A band 1. Without this site I would have been lost. Thank you Evans2chemweb! " - Anonymous Pupil.

" The only resource I used for Intermediate 2 chemistry and I got a band 1 A! " - Anonymous Pupil.

" .. able to blitz through the standard grade course and consolidate my knowledge with the revision questions. A brilliant resource which I recommend " - Anonymous Pupil.

" extremely easy to use .. very helpful for revising. .. has helped me re-cap all the topics so far and ... I am prepared and confident for all my class tests." - Finlay, Pupil.

" Most of my chemistry revision for Intermediate 2 was done on Evans. The site was so useful for explaining things I hadn't understood in class and is a wonderful resource. Thank you for helping me get an A!." - Anonymous Pupil.

" This website is really good. It helped me to get 100% in my chemistry test the last time i used it." - Megan, Pupil.

" These tests really helped me. I would revise, then see if what I had revised had actually sunk in!" - Anonymous pupil.

" Over 1 million hits since the start shows its popularity" - Webmaster, Evans2Chemweb.

" This site is fabulous" - Mrs. E.Thompson, Teacher.

" helped me pass Standard Grade and is helping with the Higher just as well" - Melissa, Pupil.

" ..extremely useful especially with pupils less motivated by classroom environments" - Dr. A.Templeton, Teacher.

" This is a great site and really helps my revision" - Anonymous Pupil.

" ..this site really helps me study ... it's the best site ever" - Anonymous Pupil.

" Excellent site, really helps with chemistry. Better than any other revision site for other standard grades. Other subjects, take note" - Anonymous Pupil.

" ..couldn't have got 80% in my Higher prelim without it. .. without Evans2ChemWeb I would have only got 60%!" - Andrew, Pupil.

" This site is great!! It really helped me catch up with the work after I was ill for 2 weeks!! " - Anonymous Pupil.

".. Keep up the excellent work on the site! .... encouraging existing staff and pupils to use your chemweb site more frequently. " - Mr. C.Hembury, Teacher.

" ..this website is great for end of topic test preparation. When my teacher told us to do online homework i thought she was mad but it really helped " - Jemma, Pupil.

".. absolutely incredible .. best website ever. ...I hope to get 1's in my exam ... with the help of Evans2Chemweb, I will achieve" - Anonymous Pupil.

".. website is simply the best resource for the Scottish curriculum. ...really pleased to see your latest updates" - Mrs. L.Slater, Teacher.

" A wonderful site, filled with easy to understand information and very easy to work layouts. All over incredibly helpful" - Lauren, Pupil.

".. site is great, helps me a lot with the different kind of tests you can do. Very useful before class tests!" - Anonymous Pupil.

".. the best education website I have ever been on! Other subjects should take this as a lesson and create their own!" - Anonymous Pupil.

".. a really useful website. I didn't understand Higher Grade until I visited ChemWeb! Extremely useful and the simplicity makes it a lot more easier to understand." - Anonymous Pupil.

" Best revision site for Chemistry around, beats Bitesize hands down!" - Jonny, Pupil.

" I love this site! It's so much better than Bitesize! I am sure to pass chemistry!" - Anonymous Pupil.

" is amazing, ... should be part of Scottish curriculum. ... helped me so much, thank you and keep the webtests coming!!" - Joe, Pupil.

".. thought my Chemie teacher was nuts when he told us to do online homework, but this site is really gr8. I always go on it b4 a test, it really helps!" - Anonymous Pupil.

" This is a great site!! It has really helped me with Higher Chemistry " - Anonymous Pupil.

".. great site, really helped me, thanks" - Anonymous Pupil.

".. site is excellent and it is a whole lot better than any books you can buy from the shops!" - Anonymous Pupil.

"..great to see some Advanced Higher material becoming available. have the most wonderful site" - Dr. Andrew Scott, Perth College.

"....made me pass my Intermediate 2 NAB with a very pleasing mark." - Michael, Pupil.

" is absolutely terrific & a great success with my pupils" - A.M. Losty, Teacher.

" A really useful site for students like myself. It has certainly helped me in class and is much better than bitesize" - Andrew, Pupil.

"....a really good site for revison and has certainly helped me in my tests so far and i have managed to achieve a grade 1 !" - Melanie & Carolyn, Pupil.

" Thanks for all the helpful information given to us students in Scotland. ...I have achieved results which I (and my teacher) are very pleased by. Many thanks!" - Alastair, Pupil.

" Your web site proved very effective in getting some of my more reluctant learners through the standard grade exam!" - E. Moug, Teacher.

" I got a 4 in standard grade and couldn't have done it without chemweb" - Conor, pupil.

" I love this site - it is absolutely AMAZING!! It got me through all my work - its the best" - Christopher, Pupil.

" So informative and so clear. .....lays out in a clear and understandable context" - Anonymous Pupil.

" ... the best website I have ever come across " - Duncan, pupil.

" This is honestly the BEST web site around better than SCHOLAR and Bitesize put together !!!!!!!!!" - R.Doak, Teacher.

"...I am a budding scientist and am very grateful to this website. I achieved ones in my test and owe it all to the one and only Evans2Chemweb!" - Emma, Pupil.

"...In S2 I had problems with Chemistry, but this year, with the help of this website I have received top grades in all my tests." - Pupil in Kirkwall

"...I was struggling .. until I found this fantastic site. It has changed my grades remarkably and .. my parents, my family and especially my teacher can be proud of me" - Anonymous Pupil.

"...Great site and great, simplified revision notes. Could you possibly do another site for another subject?" - Anonymous Pupil.

"...This website was great help for revision purposes. This website rocks!!!" - Kirsten and Inca, Pupils.

"...really helped me achieve the grade "I WANTED" instead of my expected grade of 4. Regular revision on this site helped me achieve Credit Grade 2!!! Thanks Evans2chemweb." - Pupil.

"...a good quality resource, useful to all, but it is especially beneficial to those easily bored by books and revision." - E.Galloway, Teacher.

"...this site has completely transformed my understanding of Chemistry over the past month. I am very grateful." - C.Anderson, Pupil.

" has really helped me gain confidence for doing tests.. ..tests and revision notes have really helped me" - Anonymous S3 Pupil.

"...the site is of high quality.." - Wilson Flood.

"...What a great site... really useful... makes an interesting change from notes and past papers.... thanks a lot." - E.Campbell, Pupil.

"..possibly the best website I have seen for any of my school subjects!!! ...wish there were more websites as informative, interesting and helpful as this one! ...really helped me with my revision - Thanks for such a great site!." - Anonymous Pupil.

"...found this very very helpful and also it makes chemistry more interesting to learn... ..found my grades went up." - L.Donnell, Pupil.

"...really like this site... helpful. ..helped me get a 1 in my 3rd year exam." - Anonymous S3 Pupil.

" Very impressed with the site, well done !" - Mr. N.McKnight & Mr. J.Watson, Campbeltown Grammar.

" Test results have been popping into my inbox all week... the feedback has been very positive from the kids... The Revision notes are well presented with a great range of interactive activities to keep them (the students) involved... The tests are demanding and they (the students) really feel that they have learned something by doing them.... I'm lost in admiration at the quantity and quality of the work that you have done.... Keep it up." - Mr G.Watson, Kelso High School.

" It is an excellent resource and we will actively encourage our students to use it." - Dr. R.Graham, Robert Gordon's College.

" This is a super site which my pupils are now accessing at home and in school. Keep up the good work building it up, it gets better every time I log in !" - Mrs. J.Kennedy, PT Forfar academy.

"... this is this best chemistry revision site in the whole www!!!! Great idea!" - Anonymous student.

" I think this site is brilliant and has helped my test scores and homework ..... all my friends think it's brilliant too." - Sarah Bremner.

" I think this site is very well made and has helped me with my revision for the standard grade exams. It is also good as my teacher can see how well we are progressing." - Steve Burton.

" Cool website helps with homework and revision. It helped me pass my higher chemistry and hopefully it will help Julie pass hers this year!!!" - Mark (S6) and Julie (S5).

" The site is really good for standard grade revision!!" - Yasmin Strachan.

" I'm totally impressed with your site as I have had my own site for a few years now ..... I'll certainly pass on this fab site to my chemical partner in school." - Mr. D. Mallon, Physics teacher.

"... both staff and kids love your website....Thank you for all your hard work in developing the site." - Mr D.Lumsden, Dollar Academy.

" I am extremely impressed by the quality of your site. I am looking forward to my pupils and staff making full use of this resource. Well done" - Mr. R. Harvie, Notre Dame High School.

" This site is top class, I love it. I think the teachers (have) done an excellent job. Hope you never give up.... This will definitely help my standard grades and highers in 3 years. Keep up the ...... work. Super ... well done!" - Another anonymous student.

" Thank you for a superb website!" - Mrs. I. Harper, Alford Academy.


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