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Terms and Conditions


ChemWeb's obligations.
  1. Evans2 ChemWeb™ is the property of G.A.Evans and R.B.Evans. The content, source and design of this site is protected by copyright - Please respect this !
  2. While care has been taken to ensure that the content of ChemWeb is current and correct, the owners accept no responsibility for damages or losses as a result of errors, omissions, or other information contained within the site.
  3. As this site will be continually updated, ChemWeb accept no liability for loss of service (temporary or permanent) as a result of site maintenance. Every effort will be made to restore service to registered users as soon as reasonably possible.
  4. ChemWeb reserve the right to suspend access to registered users if deemed necessary.
  5. Inappropriate use - e.g. Violation of Terms and conditions, infringement of copyright, hacking (or attempted), will result in deregistration from the service.
  6. ChemWeb reserve the right to remove the service at any time (after notification to registered users).
  7. ChemWeb's obligations only apply to registered users. ChemWeb offers no obligations to unregistered or guest users.

Your obligations to ChemWeb.
  1. Your login details are only to be used by staff and pupils of your school.
  2. Details must not be posted on the internet.
  3. Your login details must not be given to any other users. All unregistered users must either register themselves or login as a guest to access the site. You accept responsibilty for the use and misuse of your login details.
  4. You must notify ChemWeb of any alterations to your login details, including addition or removal of registered users (teachers and school).
  5. If you spot any errors or have any suggestions regarding the site, you should notify ChemWeb.


Benefits of Registration


  1. You will have access to a continually growing pool of revision notes and web-tests.
  2. The entire ChemWeb website (after 'login') will be personalised for your school including
    • A unique opening page (after 'login') that allows your students to select their teacher (for webtest marking) from photos*.
    • Your school name on the top of every page
    • Your school logo* on the top of every page
    • A background image on every page (a 'watermark' of your school logo*)
  3. Full technical support from ChemWeb
  4. Information updates

* only applies if images are provided by the school/individual to ChemWeb.


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